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What does a book about a season have to do with
health, healing and balance?

easons are much, much more than just weather patterns. They are times of year when a very specific type of energy dominates the energetic landscape, deeply affecting our bodies, our minds, our spirits and our emotions - often in ways that we don’t recognize. Take a tour with me through this little-known time of year as I illuminate these influences; offer practical suggestions on how to use them to your benefit year 'round; and share with you my knowledge of energy, health, balance and healing.

Seeing things from the perspective of energy is expanding and refreshing and full of possibility. So, come with me into the energetic realm. For, whether you're a seasoned healthcare practitioner or someone who's interested in health and healing or just someone who's curious, this book has something to offer you.

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Chapter One

Late Summer Story

Chapter Two: What Is Late Summer?

 Chapter Three: Home Treatment

“Informative, rhythmical and a joy to read. A must-have for those who embrace understanding and seek flow with  the subtle changes of life illuminated in The Fifth Season. Debbie's inspiring and beautiful linking of humanity, the emotions and the twin-ship we have with nature are exquisitely highlighted in this wonderful inscription of her knowledge."
                                                                 -Elizabeth Grimoldi, L.C.S. W.

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At present, the electronic version of The Fifth Season is available only from Amazon Kindle. You can purchase it by using the link above - and you don't need a Kindle to read it. There's a free and (truly) easily-downloadable app. Or, if you have a Kindle, you can borrow it for free through their lending library.

If you own a Kindle, borrow it for free.