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Blazing Valley String Band

Formed in 2002, Blazing Valley String Band is a progressive trance-folk duo of guitar and violin performing original songs in traditional formats, some Celtic-influenced, some bluegrass-influenced, some straight-ahead rock. BVSB is Robert Jolly on guitar and vocals and Debbie Jolly on violin and backup vocals. Between the two of us, we've amassed over six decades of musical performance experience in the worlds of rock, folk and experimental music.


"Going Down"

"On a summer's day in Maine,
in a rain so warm and fine,
I took a walk into the woods
to ease my heart and mind.
I'm going down.

"I went right through the looking-glass
to a world of echoing green,
when a frog came out
and looked about, and leapt onto a tree.
I'm going down."
- BVSB, 2005
"Shiva on the Water"

Down from the mountain
Life shimmers in waves,
Flowing like water
Falling like rain.

Shiva on the water
Shiva on the waves
One foot on the water
One foot raised.

Each moment a perfect circle
Each moment a perfect circle
Each moment a perfect circle
Each moment a perfect .....
-BVSB, 2013
Here are a few of our songs for your listening pleasure. We're feverishly (!!) working on our first album and hope it will be completed by 2014.

"Old Voice" (from upcoming album)

"Shiva on the Water" (from upcoming album)


"Late Summer"


"Over and Gone"

"Bob's Composition in G"

Photo by C. Ossias